Wednesday, August 5, 2009

starting fresh

So after my meltdown on Saturday with the kids, I decided that maybe what we needed was a fresh start and relaxing day filled with lots of ...nothing. Boy was I right! It was nice to just sit around and have some down time with the kids. We watched a couple movies and had some friends come over for a visit, but all-in-all there was no schedule or appointments on our list of things to do. It was nice to see that all the drama of the day before had melted away like a Popsicle on a hot day, and that my usually well behaved kids had returned. I guess I hadn't realized how hectic our schedule had gotten, even amidst summer vacation. We've been doing so much planning for the new baby, the nursery and my cousin's nursery, not to mention outings to fill the space of our usual trips to the splash park (It has not been a good summer weather-wise here in Toronto), it hadn't occurred to me that the kids just needed some time to relax at home.

And even though we did venture out of the house on Monday morning for about an hour or so, the kids were very co-operative and on their best behaviour. I guess we all needed to slow down a bit, mommy included :)

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