Saturday, February 7, 2009

babies, babies + more babies

For those of you who have been following my blog, I had mentioned some time ago a nursery I had decorated for a girlfriend of mine who was having her first baby, a little girl named Sydney. While her husband had posted a very blurry pic of said room on his Facebook account, and received numerous compliments on it :) , I have yet to post any pics myself. So for those of you who've been waiting, I thank you!

This is the first nursery I've designed, that didn't belong to my own kids, but I've been busy with my sister-in-law's nursery recently...she's expecting twins within the next 2 weeks, a boy and a girl (incidentally the palette is very similar to Sydney's because my sister-in-law loved this nursery so much). I'm also giving a hand to my sister muffintopdesigns who has her own mini-muffin due at the end of April. Pics of the twins nursery as well as the mini-muffin's pad will follow shortly, but for now hope you enjoy Sydney's nursery!

Sydney's room was quite a challenge seeing as the room itself is only about 10'x10' and three of the four walls are comprised of sliding french doors or sliding glass doors that lead out to the balcony of her parents' condo. Oh, and did I mention the room is really a den, which means there are NO closets! Needless to say storage was an issue in this room, but we were able to create a clean uncluttered appearance by choosing pieces that utilized not only the horizontal space, but took advantage of the vertical space as well.

By incorporating a long low dresser that does double duty as a change table and clothing storage, and placing tall bookcases on either side, we created the look of a built-in piece, but all of the individual pieces can easily be used once the family moves into a larger home, whether it be in Sydney's new room or else where around the house. We were also able to find great storage boxes at Loblaws ( a grocery store, for those of you outside of Canada) that house extra diapers, blankets and clothing that need to be grown into, all of which are hidden neatly under the crib.

The colour palette of the room adds to the modern grown-up feel of the space, while the over sized flower that graces the wall above the crib adds a touch of whimsy that every little girl deserves. I've always felt that while kids'rooms need to be fun and playful, they needn't be filled with cartoon characters that most kids quickly outgrow. For me, a child's room should have as much detail and attention paid to it as any other room in the house, if not more. Originally Sydney's mom had said that the doors that led into the living room would be closed off once the baby arrived, but after completing the nursery she chose to keep the doors open because she loved the room so much! Now if that's not a compliment, I don't know what is:)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Life has been so hectic and so busy in my neck of the woods, I've had absolutely no time to update my blog. I'm so ashamed, but glad to report that my absence has been due to the loads of work I've been doing! Orders have been steady even though my website is STILL not finished, so I have no complaints. I am really hopeful that it will finally be completed sometime within the next couple of months, but I will have to find some free time to focus on it.
So, the last few months have been crazy, to put it mildly. It's like this every year for us, beginning in November and finally coming to a halt in February. And this year it's been no different. My daughter celebrated her 7th birthday in November, followed by Christmas, Christmas concerts, new ballet classes, New Year's and a January filled with 8 birthdays and Chinese New Year. Not to mention that within the next couple weeks, our family will be welcoming twins! My sister-in-law is having twins, a boy and a girl, and we've been preparing the nursery...sorry no pics yet, but they'll be coming soon.

I'll be updating everyone within the next few days with lots of pictures of orders that were completed and new projects I've been working on. And as promised, there will be pictures of the nursery I completed almost a year ago, as well as the nursery for the twins.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! I know we did, and our new year is already off to a great start:)