Saturday, August 1, 2009

a bad mommy day :(

Do you ever have one of those days when you feel like everything you say to your kids is "NO!!", "Stop that!!" or "Do you want a time out?". Well, I felt like that today. We've all seen other moms out there in action like this before. You know the moms I'm talking about...the one with the two kids and one on the way, she has absolutely no control over her kids, she's yelling at them, they're not listening and as you walk by all you can do is shake your head, thinking "I would never let my kids act like that!" Today that was me:(

I met my sister at Michael's this morning to pick up some ribbon and craft supplies, only to realize my husband had left the car with absolutely no gas, and I had forgotten to grab any money or the bank card. While inside the craft store, my son felt the need to constantly touch everything and run off, commencing my day of "Don't touch that!" and "Come back here!". Our next stop at Home Depot continued the numerous reprimands, and as my patience began to wear thin, as did the kids', we all decided it would be a good idea to head to the park across the street to let off some steam.

The park was beautiful, one we've never been to before, and it boasted beautiful gardens and gazebos, a sand/ play park for the kids as well as ponds and fountains topped off by a magnificent waterfall that cascaded down a stone wall. What should have been an enjoyable end to our early afternoon ended up as a continuation of our earlier escapades at Michael's and Home Depot. While I was OK with my son running around and having fun, I was NOT OK with him attempting to climb up the rocks surrounding the waterfall.

Chalk it up to being pregnant, but today I felt exasperated with my kids and like one of those moms whom I tend to shake my head at. It felt like not only was I ruining my own day, but my kids' day as well. I could've sworn every other parent at the park was staring at me with disapproving eyes and shaking THEIR heads. Let's hope this is not going be the norm with my kids, and that their behaviour was due to hunger and the heat. I love my kids more than anything, but my tolerance for bad behaviour has been very low lately. Hopefully tomorrow will be better...end rant.


muffintopdesigns said...

your kids are lovely... and your feelings are normal! you are a great mommy and i can only hope to be as great! xoxo

kiddlebug said...

You are definitely not alone. We've all worn the "Bad Mother of the Year" ribbon at one times or another. We are harder on ourselves than we ever are on the kids.

little papercuts said...

Thanks ladies! I feel like a lunatic as of late...I'm blaming it on pregnancy brain :) I think in the end you just have to chalk it up as "one of those days" and move on.