Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4 little flower girls

Just prior to finding out I was pregnant I received an order from one of my daughter's teachers. She needed 4 pieces of art for the flower girls at her upcoming nuptials. It was a fun undertaking, seeing as all the girls were different ages, and had very distinct likes and dislikes...just thought I'd post what the final results looked like. Enjoy :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

creativity withdrawl

With the absence of any real 'art' work to be done, I've been finding myself in a creative slump. I always knew how much I loved to work with paper and create, but up until now I had no idea just how much I need it. With the mini papercut due in the next few months, all real Little Papercuts artwork is currently resting nicely on the back-burner, not because I don't WANT to do any of it, but because I physically CAN'T do any of it:( Ideally I would have liked to continue working on name art right up until late August or early September, but as my belly expands, leaning over a work surface to create intricate pieces are next to impossible.
Thankfully I've had my sister's nursery to tide me over until I'm able to work again. I've been finishing up a little project for her baby's room that does not require a desk, but allows me to work with my beloved paper and scissors, plus a bit of glue and ribbon to boot! The mobile will hang above her little one's crib, and I can't wait to see how everything finally comes together...so far we're on a role!

Monday, July 20, 2009

nesting has begun...i wish i could say the nursery reno had too

So for the last few weeks I've been in full-on nesting mode. Plans for the nursery/master bedroom have taken on a life of their own, but being 6.5 months pregnant is not lending itself to mobility or stamina. Having said that, I'm trying to power through and get the room cleared as much as possible, with the sporadic help of my hubby, to prepare for painting. I'm really excited to see how this venture turns out, primarily because I wouldn't really consider the room a nursery (which is really going to only consist of a corner of the master bedroom), but more a much needed face lift for the bedroom.

In addition to scouring tons of baby blogs and decorating sites for inspiration for our room, I've also been lending a hand in the redesign of my sister's, muffintopdesigns, baby room. I had mentioned some time ago that I was helping her to plan her nursery, but with the early arrival of her mini muffin, as well as the joys of morning sickness on my part, what was to be a perfectly completed baby's room, never quite saw the light of day. Needless to say, both my sister and myself have been on a rampage, searching for baby bedding for her, and fabric for me...I'm attempting to make my own crib set to co-ordinate with the decor chosen for the bedroom. I've had lots of inspiration and decided on a pale yellow/gray/white colour scheme. I've chosen fabric, furniture, bedding for my bed and have an overall idea of how I'm hoping my room with look in the end...I have my fingers crossed that what's in my head will actually be able to come to life:) We'll see!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

birthdays, 1st communion, ballet exams + a wedding

So the past few months have been jam packed with activity here at the Little Papercuts home. Besides planning for a new baby, we've also seen my son's 5th birthday, my daughter's 1st communion and ballet exam, not to mention that I was matron-of-honour for a friend's wedding just recently. We were hoping for a relaxing summer, but with the 'mini papercut' arriving in mid-October, things are in full swing around here!

My son turned 5 at the end of January and we threw him a big WALL-E themed birthday party, complete with a life-sized WALL-E I made from a few cardboard boxes. Needless to say, my little one loved it, as did the other kids and their parents! It really does go to show that no matter how many toys you have, kids will inevitabley want to play with a cardboard box:)

My daughter also celebrated her 1st communion and participated in her very first ballet exam. We are extremely proud of her, as she is with herself, and we're happy to report that she received a PERFECT grade on her ballet exam!!!!

Because this was her first year in a real ballet class, we weren't sure as to how she would fare, and to be completely honest we would have been happy had she just passed...but she showed us! We're taking a break right now from the summer ballet session, but she's looking forward to starting up again in the fall.

As for the wedding, I won't be posting any pics from it, due in part to the fact that I was almost 6 months pregnant, it was raining and I was extremely hungry when a good portion of the pics were taken. That's not to say that the wedding was not beautiful and a really wonderful event...I just won't be posting any pics:)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

so much to catch up on

So yes, it's been about 5 months since I've spent any time to blog, and while I feel terribly about it, I do have a few valid reasons. The biggest of them all being that I am currently in my 6th month of pregnancy:) When I first found out back in February, I was immediately thrown into a whirlwind of project completion, not to mention HORRIBLE morning/all-day sickness. Honestly, I wasn't sure the the nausea would ever subside, but I'm happy to report that those days are gone! But between trying to tie up loose ends with work and trying to function while sick with 2 other kids to tend to, my blog has been neglected.

I've had my ups and downs so far with this pregnancy, but so far so good! Unfortunately this has also meant that all Little Papercuts artwork is being put on the back burner. Thankfully I was able to complete all the orders that came in right before the morning sickness kicked in, but it also meant that I have had to cease taking any new orders for the time being. While this has made me very sad, I'm happy to say that I do look forward to being able to do artwork again once the baby is born and into a bit of a routine. So to those of you who are willing to wait, 'thank-you'.

Having said that I will be posting pics of artwork that was completed prior to my 'hiatus', as well as my new project...the nursery! I am very excited about my new baby nursery, partially because I LOVE kids' spaces, but mostly because it means I will finally be able to renovate my bedroom...which I hate!!! So stay tuned, there'll be lots of stuff to write about:)