Monday, August 10, 2009

nursery inspiration

Shortly after finding out the sex of our baby (we're having a girl) I started thinking about how to decorate the corner of our room that would serve as the 'nursery'. Originally I thought I would stick to something in the browns and oranges, due in fact to whatever colours we chose for baby bedding would have to be some how incorporated into the overall design of our bedroom. Frilly pink is definitely NOT on the agenda! But after searching for ideas online, I found the colour scheme that I seemed to gravitate towards the most was grey, yellow and white. The combination of these colours is fresh and modern, without being too sweet or juvenile. Over the last few months I've found inspiration from websites like ohdeedoh, tinydecorblog and projectnursery, just to mention a few.

One nursery that really stood out in my mind belonged to Jenna Lyons, SVP of women's at J.Crew. Her home was featured in the pages of Domino Magazine. Although her nursery is yellow, white and black, I'm too chicken to paint my bedroom black, I immediately fell in love with the room.

What do you think...fresh and modern or boring?

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hudson umma said...

i've also thought about doing something grey and/or yellow for baby #2 that is cooking in the bun. the baby will be sharing a room w/ my my boy who will be 2 so i'm trying to think of how i'm going to incorporate it all, esp if this turns out to be a girl!