Saturday, March 22, 2008

nurseries, new babies + a website

I've been pretty busy of late. My kids were on March Break 2 weeks ago, and we spent a lot of it outside despite the cold weather. The kids had a blast tobogganing and skating, hubby and I enjoyed it too but we also realized how old we are. Man, going up and down the hill 50 million times really makes you think 'What were we thinking!!!!'. But the little ones loved it so it was totally worth it. We actually kept busy enough that we did not hear them utter the dreaded 'We're bored', even once. I think that's pretty good considering the attention span of most 4 and 6 year olds! But I'm glad March Break is over.

Even after the kids went back to school, things didn't stop for me. As mentioned before, a girlfriend of mine was pregnant, so I've spent the last few weeks preparing her nursery for her. A little bit of painting, accessorizing and some organizing too went into transforming their small den into a beautiful room fit for a princess. I'll be posting some pics later this week. Between nursery decorating, and the usual mommy activities, I've also been working on the layout and new artwork for my website. While it's very time consuming, it's also been very satisfying to see everything I've been envisioning in my head come to life. I can't wait for it to be done!

Having said that, I'm not sure when that's going to see the guy doing my website works with my pregnant girlfriend's hubby and their little bundle of joy could wait no longer and made her much anticipated arrival on March 20, 2008. Baby Sydney was 1 week early, and she is absolutely beautiful! The proud parents are doing well, and are extremely exhausted...Sydney does not like to sleep at night yet! So it's gonna be at least a couple more weeks before I can get all of my artwork and paperwork to the website guy.

I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend. My hubby and I are taking the kids to see 'Horton Hears a Who', I've heard it's really good. Don't fill up on too much chocolate, and have fun!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

what is little papercuts?

So, I realize that there are some of you who are wondering 'What is Little Papercuts', besides the tiny cuts you get from paper that hurt A LOT!! For all of you, this is my explanation. Little Papercuts is the business I started, officially a year ago. I mainly create children's name art, but I have also done artwork for adults and kids which are not name related. All of my pieces are made from cut paper, but also include ribbon, fabric, yarn and other goodies.

Although I have only been in business officially since last year, I have been creating name art for over 3 years now. I think what appeals to most of the people who purchase Little Papercuts artwork is that they are all custom made for each individual. My customers love that they are able to be involved in the creative process, and have a finished product that reflects their child. Whether that means their personality, their interests or even something that matches their room, I strive to make something that embodies the person it is created for.

Being a stay at home mom with two kids constantly on the go, it was difficult to find the time, not only to work, but to have creative space. I am very lucky to have a wonderfully supportive husband, great kids and some amazing friends who have encouraged me along the way. My 'company' is only in it's baby stages, but the journey thus far has been incredible. It still astounds me that people want to buy something that I have made...and I think that's part of what pushes me to do what I do.

baby shower...snow anyone?

Well, yesterday we had scheduled to have a pretty big baby shower for a girlfriend of mine. There were quite a few people expected (roughly 35 or so adults plus kids) and we had lots of food and tons of cupcakes from this great little place called The Cupcake Shoppe, here in Toronto. Unfortunately yesterday was also the day of one of the biggest snowstorms we've had all winter, and over half of the guests cancelled before 11am. Because a good portion of the food had been catered in, we didn't even have the option of postponing the shower for today...yeah, it's beautiful and sunny outside today, and the roads are completely clear!

But despite the horrendous weather, and the fact that almost everyone cancelled, we had a really great day! It ended up being about 10 really good friends of the parents-to-be, really relaxed and casual...just what the new mommy wanted anyway. She's not a big fan of crowds, and she hates being the center of attention...which is kind of hard considering the party was in her honour and she's nine months pregnant! Less people, meant less people who you don't know to have to entertain. It also meant more space for the kids to run around and play. And the best part of having fewer guests also meant MORE CUPCAKES for those who did show up!!! I'd have to say that the blizzard was a blessing in disguise:) Everyone had a great time, and now the mommy-to-be is even more excited about her little one on the way.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

my first entry

Hi! This is my very first blog exciting! I'm starting this blog to keep all of the swirling ideas in my head organized...if that's even possible. Little Papercuts is my way of mixing all the things I love into something that everyone can enjoy. I hope you'll all join me as I try to navigate my way through the craziness of juggling kids, family, crafting and trying to run my own business! Enjoy!