Sunday, September 27, 2009

the name game

So, the mini papercut is due in a couple weeks and we've decided on a name for a girl, and we do have a boy's name picked out just in case our ultrasound tech was wrong. Since my kids all have Chinese middle names, we're somewhat lucky in the sense that we only have to choose a first name (their middle names are chosen by their grandparents). While it took us quite some time to choose names for our other two children, my husband and I could not agree, this time around it seemed to be a much more simple task. So what did we select? Well, if everything goes according to plan, and our little one is a girl we've decided on Zoe. I really love this name, and since my other kids both have 'A' names, I though it would be appropriate to name our third and final child with the letter 'Z'. Having said that, if we should have a surprise with the arrival of a little boy, his name will be Owen, after my godfather. Can't wait to see which it will be:)

Monday, September 21, 2009

what a week

This past week has been crazy busy for us. First of all, a few weeks ago the lovely Spearmintbaby and Space for Inspiration, both contacted me asking if I would like a nursery feature on their which I answered an emphatic YES!!! But seeing as the only completed part of my nursery nook is the actual crib, I requested a little bit of time to complete the room, or nursery wall, before they posted any pics. Well you can imagine my surprise last week when I noticed that images of my room were being featured on Kenziepoo and Ohdeedoh. The response has been fabulous and I've been bombarded with tons of questions regarding our space for the mini papercut, as well as inquiries about items in the mini muffin's nursery. I am DYING to finish our room, but my hands are tied at the moment since my hubby doesn't want me to do any heavy lifting, and he's been pretty busy himself. I have my fingers crossed that by the end of the week our nursery nook will be DONE!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

almost there

I'm almost there! My pregnancy is winding down, and hopefully within the next 5 weeks I will have a healthy baby girl (or boy). But as things stand right now I am very short of breath, my feet are starting to swell and everything below my chest is sore and achey.

Thankfully I'm getting a bit of a break a few days out of the week now that the kids are back at school. I still have a TON of stuff to get finished before the mini papercut arrives, but my hubby and I are hoping to have everything ready by October 1st. I'm a little doubtful as to our deadline, but I'll go with it if only to encourage my DH to hurry up and get it done :)

cute reads

I found the most adorable books yesterday on my weekly jaunt to Winners/Home Sense yesterday. I know they're not the typical ABC board books, but they were too cute to pass up!

Urban Babies Wear Black, Eco Babies Wear Green & Jet Set Babies Wear Wings are from a line of books written by Michelle Sinclair Colman. I'm now searching for more of these to round out my 'collection', and I even have a sweet little owl bookend by Zuny, from Indigo Books, to go along with them.

Can't wait to get everything set up in the nursery nook:)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

nursery accents

This is Jubilee. She is a sweet little lamb made of chenille that I purchased from the wonderful doggiepiggie on etsy.

I received this cute sock monkey as a gift yesterday from the lovely muffintopdesigns. Each one of my kids has a muffintopdesigns sock monkey, and she felt it was only fitting that the mini papercut should own one too. I think we'll name him Socko.

I've been on the look-out for nursery accents lately. Nothing tradition, maybe a little quirky and a bit whimsical. I'm only looking for a few things for organization: diaper caddy, container/canister to hold ointments, nail clippers, thermometer etc., and a night light. Up until now I haven't seen anything that really appeals to me, but today I was lucky enough to find a couple of items that fit the bill. This whimsical table lamp will be used as a nightlight, thanks to a low-wattage light bulb and the sugar canister will house all our odds and ends.

Yes, I realize that these pieces are not intended for a nursery, but I kinda like the retro, vintage feel of the sugar canister, and the table light is just too cute, don't you think?