Thursday, August 20, 2009

my toy sewing machine

A few weeks ago I purchased my very first sewing machine. It is not expensive or heavy duty, and by some standards might not even qualify as a real sewing machine. But I had a 50% off coupon at Michaels, and a desire to sew my own crib bedding, and I figured why not fork out the $25 it would cost for something that would save me a considerable amount of time vs. hand sewing.

I am by no means anyone who has any expertise when it comes to sewing machines. I prefer to have complete control, and over the years I have attempted to sew some quite ambitious projects, some successful and some not so much, with varied degrees of success. When I was decorating my eldest's room I chose to create a faux quilt duvet cover entirely sewn by hand, and while it turned out beautifully, it was a bit time consuming. I have no patience lately, so hand sewing was completely out of the question! Enter my new toy...

It's a tiny little thing, and is probably lighter than most of my kids' toys (my husband and mother-in-law both laughed and said "Are you sure that's not supposed to be a toy for the kids?'), but I am in LOVE with it. I am hoping that 'Santa" will bring me a real adult sewing machine for Christmas, but until then I am very happy with my toy :)

So far I've sewn the bumper for the crib, a mini duvet cover and pillow, and today I flew through a couple of down filled pillows for my sister's mini muffin. I don't know why I've waited so long to learn to use a sewing machine, but it feels great to be able to make stuff for myself!

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