Thursday, August 20, 2009

it's a bird, it's a plane...

My son is 5 and a half, he'll be 6 in January. Recently his interest in superheroes and shows like Bakugan/ Pokemon have skyrocketed. What happened to the little boy who loved Cars and Sesame Street?


Nutterzgal said...

I too have a boy who will be 6 in January (New Years Day in fact) and I am experiencing teh very same thing.

I am ADORING the AMAZING superhero name art and was wondering if you are currently selling these.

Having also added a third to our family this year I would imagine you have neither the time or the energy, but I thought I would make the inquiry anyway as I simply LOVE it(and I know my sons would too)

Congrats on the beautiful additon!

Frances in NYC

little papercuts said...

Hi Frances,

Thanks so much for the interest in my artwork! Unfortunatley I'm on a bit of a 'maternity leave' right now, but I hope to be back into the swing of things with work early in the new year. I will definitely be in touch when things settle down here!

Warmest Regards,