Tuesday, December 21, 2010

paper wonderland

The Little Papercuts home is finally looking a lot like Christmas. The tree is dressed, the presents are wrapped, our paper chain garland is hung and we've just finished putting up the last of our extremely large paper snowflakes.

We decorate our windows every year (we live in a condo, and overlook the center courtyard, we also face two other buildings on either side), it helps to provide a bit of a screen between ourselves and our neighbours. This year we decided to make our snowflakes extra big...read less cutting for mom:) I am thrilled at the end result! Now I know some of you may think we went a little overboard and yes 'less is more', but hey, it's Christmas! I love the graphic quality of the large snowflakes, and we mixed in some medium and smaller sized ones too.

To make these beauties we followed the templates provided over at Martha Stewart for a six pointed snowflake and the lovely blog of How About Orange for some sweet five point stars. For the large and medium snowflakes we used a roll of MALM craft paper from Ikea ($4.99 a roll). So get out some paper and scissors for the kids and turn your house into a winter wonderland too:)


kiddlebug said...

Nice job!!

Julie said...

so gorgeous! happy holidays!