Thursday, December 9, 2010

brace face

As kids the Mr. and I both had braces, so we knew somewhere down the line one, if not all of the kids, would need braces one day. And yesterday was the day. Alison, the biggest mini papercut, got a headgear. She only has to wear it at home and when she's sleeping, and she didn't get any actual braces on her front teeth yet (those are coming), so unless you know she has braces on her back teeth, you'd never suspect she has braces at all.

But apparently kids this age are excited to get braces, even asking for them when they don't need them! The dental hygienist told us that they get a lot of little girls who come in and when they get their elastics changed each month, they colour coordinate with all their friends, all getting pink or blue that month. Boy, how things have changed!

I have to admit, I hated having braces and was thrilled when I had them taken off. Alison seems to be having a really positive experience so far, she even has a schoolmate who's jealous that she was going to get braces yesterday! Hopefully she'll see that the end result will be worth the next few years of a mouth full of metal, because these things are EXPENSIVE and I'll be broke by the end of all of this! On that note, thanks Mom for paying for my braces, I am very grateful you did ;)

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