Thursday, February 10, 2011

new year, new perspective

Yes, we've returned from a bit of an unexpected break from the blogosphere. I hadn't intended to even take any sort of hiatus, but the hectic schedule of Christmas and New Year's left me completely pooped, and before I knew it Chinese New year had flown by without even a 'Hello' from us! So, my apologies, but we're ready to get back to business (so to speak).

I had mentioned before Christmas many of the things I hoped to be doing in the new year...well, there's been a change of plans. My hopes to return to work are on hold for at least another year or two. No, I'm not pregnant. But I realized that work will always be there. I still have the desire and drive to have my own flourishing business, but for the time being I have to focus on being a mom.

My mini papercuts are growing by leaps and bounds, and the miniest of them all is a handful, to say the least. She is a little tornado full of excitement and curiosity, and while not all days are good ones, I can't imagine missing even a second of her crazy antics! So for now Little Papercuts is on a break. We'll still be blogging about all our everyday stuff, but work stuff may not be anywhere on the map for a bit. We hope you'll 'follow' us around for all the fun in the meantime ;)

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