Wednesday, July 15, 2009

birthdays, 1st communion, ballet exams + a wedding

So the past few months have been jam packed with activity here at the Little Papercuts home. Besides planning for a new baby, we've also seen my son's 5th birthday, my daughter's 1st communion and ballet exam, not to mention that I was matron-of-honour for a friend's wedding just recently. We were hoping for a relaxing summer, but with the 'mini papercut' arriving in mid-October, things are in full swing around here!

My son turned 5 at the end of January and we threw him a big WALL-E themed birthday party, complete with a life-sized WALL-E I made from a few cardboard boxes. Needless to say, my little one loved it, as did the other kids and their parents! It really does go to show that no matter how many toys you have, kids will inevitabley want to play with a cardboard box:)

My daughter also celebrated her 1st communion and participated in her very first ballet exam. We are extremely proud of her, as she is with herself, and we're happy to report that she received a PERFECT grade on her ballet exam!!!!

Because this was her first year in a real ballet class, we weren't sure as to how she would fare, and to be completely honest we would have been happy had she just passed...but she showed us! We're taking a break right now from the summer ballet session, but she's looking forward to starting up again in the fall.

As for the wedding, I won't be posting any pics from it, due in part to the fact that I was almost 6 months pregnant, it was raining and I was extremely hungry when a good portion of the pics were taken. That's not to say that the wedding was not beautiful and a really wonderful event...I just won't be posting any pics:)


kiddlebug said...

I can't believe you made that Wall-E! That is amazing.

little papercuts said...

Thanks so much!! I've been making cardboard characters for my son since he was 2 years old...they've always been a hit with the kids and adults:)