Saturday, July 25, 2009

creativity withdrawl

With the absence of any real 'art' work to be done, I've been finding myself in a creative slump. I always knew how much I loved to work with paper and create, but up until now I had no idea just how much I need it. With the mini papercut due in the next few months, all real Little Papercuts artwork is currently resting nicely on the back-burner, not because I don't WANT to do any of it, but because I physically CAN'T do any of it:( Ideally I would have liked to continue working on name art right up until late August or early September, but as my belly expands, leaning over a work surface to create intricate pieces are next to impossible.
Thankfully I've had my sister's nursery to tide me over until I'm able to work again. I've been finishing up a little project for her baby's room that does not require a desk, but allows me to work with my beloved paper and scissors, plus a bit of glue and ribbon to boot! The mobile will hang above her little one's crib, and I can't wait to see how everything finally comes far we're on a role!


Chelsea Strong said...

I LOVE these mobiles! Our soon-to-be munchkin's room is similarly modern/not-too-frilly... how did you do these? Super jealous.

little papercuts said...

Thanks Chelsea! The mobile consists of 2 paper pom poms made from tissue paper. I had found the how to's on Martha Stewart:) The largest of the balls is a paper lantern from Ikea, really inexpensive, covered in ribbon, and the flower ball is made of paper flowers stuck into a styrafoam ball.