Tuesday, November 2, 2010

we now return to your regularly scheduled program

Did you notice we were gone? We've been MIA the last couple of weeks, prepping for Halloween kept me pretty busy (I decided to take on the task of making a Little Red Riding Hood costume for my eldest...more on that later), but things have settled down considerably. Thank goodness for that!

Seriously, where does all the time go? Do you ever feel like you have no time to do anything, and spend all your time doing nothing, missing out on all the little moments? That's how it's been here lately. Oh well, what can you do? I promise not to be missing for so long again, and there's lots of new stuff to fill you all in on, so stay tuned friends :)

1 comment:

kiddlebug said...

That is exactly how I feel these days! I think that time fairies are stealing time from me.
It is amazing how fast it is flying by!!