Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ikea you never disappoint

My master bedroom/nursery has been 'under construction' for close to a year now. When we began our little reno the hubby and I had decided right off the bat that we were going to try to steer clear of too many Ikea items. I love Ikea, but in the past we've spent lots of money there on some items that have not withstood the abuse that 2 small children can subject it to. And, truth be told, I always associate Ikea with 'temporary' furniture. Pretty much, items that we need until we find something nicer and more permanent.

Now that the room is near completion (all that's left are the lamps) I realize that there are only 2 items in the room that DID NOT come from Ikea...the bed and a chair. How did that happen? Didn't we say we were gonna go with 'better' furniture? Didn't we agree to invest in well made, sturdy and timeless pieces that would last us, well, forever?

Well that's exactly what we did! When it comes to design, you cannot beat the clean, modern lines of the majority of the furniture at Ikea. I think, having owned many pieces in the past made of that horrible particle board/chip board stuff, it is really fantastic that Ikea seems to be moving forward and making a lot of new items in solid wood. Our dresser/changing table and side tables are both from the Hemnes line, and our crib is the Gulliver...all solid wood. Very sturdy, and not rickety at all. My favourite part about the Hemnes pieces is that the drawers all boast a pretty yellow and white stripe on the insides, so no need to put drawer liners in myself:) And really, you can't beat the Ikea price tag. Believe me, I tried.

For all that we tried to stay away, Ikea always seems to have the answer when it comes to budget friendly home decor. Ikea, you never disappoint:)


MamaJ said...

Oh, your home sounds exactly like mine... We've tried to avoid bombing the place with Ikea furniture but like 85% of the house is all Ikea-ified! And we love the designs and how they always have new stuff... Initially, we too got some of those particleboard stuff that collapsed after awhile, and now are preferring their solid wood furniture, which can withstand the abuse of our active little boy and our mad mutt of a dog!

veri maz said...

i love ikea but my hub hates the temporary quality of much of their furniture. The only way i can get him to agree to ikea in the house is for accessories eg lighting, textiles, some childrens stuff.
all about the compromise...