Wednesday, June 23, 2010

easy is a four letter word

What seems like a lifetime ago, when my daughter was in kindergarten, she came home one day from school proclaiming that one of the other kids had gotten in trouble for saying a bad word. 'What word is that?', I asked her cautiously, bracing myself. Not wanting her to repeat the word I prompted, 'What letter does it start with?'. She thought for a moment and replied 'The 'E' word.' It took me a minute to realize that I had no idea what word she was talking about...I couldn't even think of a negative 'E' word at the time!

'What's the 'E' word'
'Why is it a bad word?'
'Because what's easy for one person might be hard for someone else. If they think it's hard it doesn't mean they're dumb.'

At that moment easy was added to our list of bad language words.

It's true, all you really need to know you learned in kindergarten:)

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Julie said...

Such a good point and so very true!