Sunday, June 13, 2010

baby you can drive my car

Image courtesy of The North York Drive In Theatre

Yesterday was a very gloomy and raining day, but it didn't stop us from doing our usual Saturday routine of ballet and running errands. We took the kids out for dinner later in the evening, and luckily while we were eating the rain subsided so we decided to see a movie at the North York Drive-In. If you've never taken your kids to the drive-in, I highly recommend it!

We've been to the drive-in with our kids before and have found that it's a much more enjoyable, and affordable experience than going to the regular theater. We stocked up on snacks before going, and brought every one's pajamas for extra comfort! The mini papercut slept through the whole thing, but the two older papercuts had a did the hubby and myself:) We saw Shrek Forever After, and even though we didn't stay for the second movie ( yes, you get to watch TWO movies for the price of ONE!!) it was well worth the cost. For those of you in our area, adult admission is $11 each, $2 for kids aged 6-12, and kids 5 and under are FREE!

This is definitely something you should all try with the much fun!

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