Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i might even be a rockstar

Image via Burkeheart Baby on Etsy

My niece (the mini muffin) celebrated her 1st birthday a couple months ago. Yes, that's how behind I am! I had meant to post this then, but better late than never, right? She's growing into such a sweet little girl:) So, I'm giving you all a glimpse of what her present was...and as a nod to her musician daddy, we chose a bit of a rockstar/music theme!

For her quilt I chose fabrics that were a little out of the norm for a little girl, but the mini muffin is a bit of a tomboy herself, so it really suits her.

And I was able to find a cute pair of shoes by Burkeheart Baby on Etsy made from the same 'mix tape' fabric in the quilt! They make the most adorable and comfy shoes for little feet, and use wonderful fabrics!

I did stray a bit from my own rockstar theme, making her a sweet pink floral reversible a nod to my own girliness:)

Happy Belated Birthday Mini Muffin! We love ya!


Julie said...

So very cute and very kind of you! The dress is adorable!

little papercuts said...

Thanks Julie!