Wednesday, February 16, 2011

incr-EDIBLE cakes

You may recall me mentioning that my son just turned 7 not too long ago. I am very fortunate to have a hubby who has a friend whose wife makes cakes. We're not talking your regular run of the mill plain ole sheet cakes with a bit of frosting. See those crocs in that pic? Yup she made those for us!

Since we were having our son's party at a reptile zoo (yes, you read that correctly) we decided to go with 2 small crocodiles, one chocolate and one vanilla, and you might also notice that one of those crocs is chowing down on Kirby (one of my son's favourite video game characters) a really cute personal touch. While the live snakes and lizards were a huge hit for everyone, we have to say that the cake was by far the star of the show. The amount of detail on these cakes was ASTOUNDING!!!

Jenny Bell, the talented cake designer/baker behind incr-EDIBLE cakes went far beyond any of our expectations. The crocodiles were so realistic, right down to all the little scales all over their bodies, and to top it all off, the two cakes were super yummy too! I could never attempt to make anything this wonderful, and Jenny (a mom to 2 young boys) makes it look so simple and effortless! If you are in the GTA and need a special cake to celebrate with, Jenny is definitely your gal:) You will not be disappointed! For more information you can contact Jenny Bell at (416)561-7774 or drop her an e-mail at

Thanks so much Jenny, we loved our cakes! You are AMAZING!!!

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