Friday, September 24, 2010

birthday boots

A couple days ago I celebrated my 36th birthday very quietly with the family. No party. Nothing fancy. Just dinner with the kids and hubby. The Mr. is getting me something I've wanted for a couple years now, and never really gotten around to buying. Hunter rain boot:) I know, not very exciting, but considering how much time I spend standing outside in the rain while dropping off or picking up the kids from school, they are definitely a necessity. I can't wait to get them. Happy birthday to me:)


Julie said...

Oh I love them! I bought some rain boots last year, and I was sooooo excited! Just like you, walking the kids to and from school, one needs boots for those rainy days! Enjoy and happy bday!

little papercuts said...

Thanks Julie! Now it's just to decide on the colour: brown or army green...or maybe yellow? We'll see:)