Wednesday, March 24, 2010

winter meet spring

It looks like winter is ready to pack up and leave (even though it snowed yesterday for about half an hour) and we might just be seeing the beginnings of sunshine ahead. We are really looking forward to shedding all our layers and snowsuits, even if it means we'll be trading them in for raincoats and umbrellas. Hey, anything has got to be better than all the salt and slush!

I've already started a lot of our spring cleaning, and it feels good to be purging the baby clothes that the mini has outgrown, as well as snowsuits, boots and toys that have seen better days. We got a new rug for our entryway, and tomorrow I'd like to pick up some new floor mats for the kitchen. Every few months we go through the kids' toys and donate the ones they aren't playing with anymore. The house always feels lighter and more organized after we've done it, and now with a third little rugrat with her own pile of toys, the house feels like it's due for a good overhaul.

With the departure of winter we can pack away all our gear that has cluttered up the front hall since November...skates, helmets, boots, snowsuits, hats, gloves, scarves, heavy jackets. I love the winter months, but we are all impatiently awaiting the warm weather, and I think it might be on it's way! Keep your fingers crossed:)

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