Monday, December 14, 2009

one mattress with a box spring on the side please

Image by Eugenio Recuenco

Yes, we finally received our beautiful white leather tufted bed frame. And the day it arrived I was truly excited. The delivery guys were late, but they still managed to deliver it and set it up without incidence. However, in all the chaos it slipped our minds that our king size mattress was not going to fit in our new queen sized bed frame! OOPS!! Well up until last Saturday my hubby and I were sleeping on a foam mattress pad on the floor next to the actual bed (I need to be in the room because of the mini papercut). And when our new mattress arrived I was so happy, until I realized that we had possibly purchased a box spring we didn't need.

After spending a week looking at my new bed frame sans mattress, I came to the conclusion that a mattress by itself would be too low, and a regular sized box spring would be way too high. The solution...a low profile box spring that is roughly half the size of a regular one. So when we went to LOOK at mattresses, I hadn't anticipated purchasing that day and had not measured anything at home. You can imagine my surprise when my DH put me on the spot and asked me to pick, and of course everything seemed so low in the showroom, that I automatically agreed to the low profile box. But when everything was delivered and put in place, the bed seemed way too high. My hubby's answer to our new problem was to take out the box spring and only use the mattress, which would have been fine if he hadn't decided to 'store' the box spring standing up against the window. Now what would you rather, a high bed or a big black rectangle blocking 2/3 of the window? So I casually mention to him that I'd like to try the box spring again ( we had only tried it before for a total of 10 minutes), to which he replied a resounding NO?!?! Really? I thought he was joking but was quickly informed that he liked it low and if it had been up to him we wouldn't have even bought a bed frame and we'd be sleeping on our mattress on the floor. Um, WHAT!?!?!??! Yeah, this is not over by a long shot! I guarantee that by Christmas we'll be sleeping on a nice high GROWN-UP bed;)

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