Monday, December 14, 2009

are you finished yet?

With Christmas right around the corner, it's been a crazy few weeks! The kids have 1 more week of school before they go on Christmas break, so I've been trying to get all the Christmas shopping's much easier to take just the mini papercut along than drag all 3 kiddos through a toy store! I had made a mental note back in September that I wanted to have all of the presents wrapped and under the tree by the first week of December, in anticipation of how hectic things would be around here with a new baby. And I have to say, although I had not kept to schedule, things seemed to be running smoothly ( I was able to purchase almost all of the kids' presents, we have roughly 20 kids to buy for :o, in 1 day with my 2 youngest in tow!), but I've now found myself with only a few days to buy all the other gifts! Factor in a few doctor's appointments, baby eczema, hives and sleep deprivation, and you've got a recipe for disaster!

So over the last week the mini papercut has not been sleeping at night AT ALL!!!! Yes, that's right. I've been functioning on roughly 4 hours of sleep over the past 3 days...that's 4 hours TOTAL! My ability to focus on the task of shopping for others is extremely blurred at the moment, and yes, I know I'm supposed to sleep when she does, but realistically if she's sleeping while I'm at the grocery store and running errands I can't just pull the car over and take a nap. So I soldier through the weariness in an effort to finish up all the Christmas shopping, not to mention the continuous pile of laundry, meals to be made and attemps to keep a relatively clean house, or at least the illusion that we have one;) All of this only to have my husband ask me at the end of the day, "Aren't you finished the Christmas shopping yet?"

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Julie said...

Oh my goodness! This could have been me writing this post! Our little guy also developed eczema, then my eldest got a nasty cold, which he shared with the baby, and that turned into croup, and now he (baby) is not sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time!! I can hardly think straight, I'm in such a zombie like state it's not funny! And of course, during all of this my husband was away due to work, for THREE WEEKS! OH MY! And yes, trying to coordinate Christmas shopping amongst all of this craziness was a tough one. I do all of my shopping in the morning when our eldest is at school, as you said, much easier with two than with three. Sigh...must stop gabbing before I take up the entire comment space!