Monday, November 2, 2009

at last...

Our nursery nook is complete, and I love it! Although it only consists of a dresser/change table, a crib and a wall shelf (all from Ikea), I think we were able to create a whimsical space for the mini papercut that doesn't take up a lot of space, but delivers huge impact within our master bedroom.

Although the rest of the bedroom is still 'under construction', my little Zoe has a corner all her own. I wanted a space that was created solely for her, and even though the colour palette of the room and the pattern of the crib bedding is not typical of what you'd find in a child's bedroom, by utilizing elements that appeal to my husband and myself, her nook is definitely something we enjoy having in OUR space! Having said that, the addition of a bold floral mural and a few playful pieces here and there makes it decidedly HER space:)

I enjoyed every moment of decorating the mini papercut's nursery. I wanted it to be beautiful and charming, while still feeling clean and modern. Keeping the furniture simple and adding whimsical touches keep the nook from feeling cluttered and overdone. I also love the idea of using items that you wouldn't normally associate with a kid's space for organization and display.

We used a leather desk organizer as a diaper caddy, and a vintage sugar container to hold things like nail clippers, pacifiers, and other odds and ends. A pastel yellow candy dish is the perfect place for washcloths and keeps them in close reach. And one of my favourite finds is the table lamp that doubles as a nightlight that somewhat resembles a milkweed pod.

I also wanted to re-use an old shelf from Ikea that my husband had in his office. I thought the space needed a bit of sparkle, but I didn't really want to purchase a new shelf when I had one that was perfectly fine, although not that attractive. I was inspired by this post on Apartment Therapy, and figured it might be a great solution for the shelf. Much to my surprise it looked amazing, and when the nightlight is on, it reflects some of the light throughout the room.

Other little touches that personalize the space include the paper butterfly garland, the name art above the dresser and the paper flower bouquet. My mini papercut definitely has a corner of the room that belongs only to her. I'm just happy we get to share:)

Items in the Nursery Nook:

Paint Colour: Midnite Hour by CIL Dulux

Hemnes Dresser from

Gulliver Crib from Ikea

Didi Citron yellow + white fabric from Tonic Living
Amy Butler Grey Wallflower yellow + grey fabric from Cotton Thread Fabrics on etsy
Amy Butler Yellow Full Moon Polka Dots fabric from
Cotton Thread Fabrics on etsy

Owl Bookend by

Jubilee the lamb from
doggiepiggie on etsy

Socko the sock monkey from
Muffin Top Designs on etsy

Milkweed lamp, pastel yellow candy dish, leather desk organizer, vintage sugar container all from Home Sense

name art, paper butterfly garland and paper floral bouquet all by Little Papercuts (that's me;) )


The Accidental Pharmacist said...

I LOVE the wall colour and the little butterflies are gorgeous. Our little one was born a couple weeks before yours and right now she's set up in the corner of our room. I have nursery envy!

Priscila said...

oh my gosh MAY I PLEASE feature you on my baby blog? My readers are going to love this!!!

by the way enter my giveaway and dont forget to follow me :) I bring my readers a new giveaway every Monday!

Priscila said...

thanks for the follow...I just saw :) hehe

Oh my gosh but seriously this is a FANTASTIC room !!! You should be totally proud of yourself! You have AMAZING style and your kids oh my gosh!!!! SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!

little papercuts said...

Thanks Ladies!

Priscila I just e-mailed you :)

Bella Jean Boutique said...

You did such a cute job with the room. The wall decal and the butterflys are so cute. and the color of the walls.

Amy Croley said...

Oh my! It is so delightful! Great job!

Anonymous said...

I have been anxiously waiting the reveal!

We are having a baby girl in March, and like you, we are doing a nursery nook in our Master Bedroom where our closet once was. And I really liked your wall treatments and crib bedding fabric choices! Super inspiring!!

I have a couple questions for you: Where did you get your Zuny? I have been looking for a seller online without much luck. And, here is another random question...
What do you say are must haves to put in the diaper caddy next to the changing pad? I am working on the changing area and only have so much room for a pad and caddy, so any info will help me.

Thanks in advance! Love the room, can't wait to see the whole room when it's done!!

pheak-pheak said...

Your work is beautiful!! Did you make the bedding yourself? I've been trying to find nice modern bedding, but they are super expensive! I am looking for other alternatives and possibly sewing it myself.

Modern Chic Tots said...

OMG! I am officially beyond jealous, not only are these my favorite colors but I devoted a "wall" to my little girl too! I absolutely LOVE it. I would love the opportunity to blog about your beautiful nursery nook. Here is my blog if you would like to check it out.

Alice said...

I love the bedding so much! Great job!

little papercuts said...

Thanks for all the sweet compliments:)

6p00d83451cf8769e2, I got my Zuny at a store in Canada called Indigo Books. I think on the Zuny website (I provided the link at the end of the post) there's a link at the top that says 'Find Us'. Hopefully that helps! As for what to put in the diaper caddy, I only put items that I use on a daily basis in there. That would include diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, and wash cloths. If you have more compartments in your caddy, or more space, then I would say you could include nailclippers, breast pads, an ear thermometer, a nasal aspirator, pacifiers and baby lotion. When organizing you changing space, it's also a good idea to have extra diaper shirts/ onesies and sleepers close at hand, just in case of any 'accidents'-read exploding poop and spit up:) Hope this helps!

pheak-pheak, I did make the bedding myself. I couldn't find anything that really appealed to me, and being that Zoe is our 3rd and final child, I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg or be stuck with really juvenille patterns. If you're planning on making your own crib set, you might want to look on They have a lot of great selection and they're pretty well priced.

MamaJ said...

Oh this is lovely lovely lovely! You were brave to use such a dark wall colour... and everything ties in so nicely!

jengee said...

i came across your blog from all the link love on your nursery post, but i love love love your paper art! do you have a shop or a website? your work is amazing!

little papercuts said...

jengee, Thanks so much! My website is currently under construction...I actually started this blog for my paper artwork, but during my pregnancy it somewhat transformed into a baby blog:) I'm taking a bit of a 'maternity leave' at the moment from my paper name art, but hopefully I'll start back up early in the new year.

Jane said...

Hello !!
WOAW ! Beautifu beautiful beautiful.
WOAW ! Beyong beautiful !

What a FABULOUS room for your precious little Zoe.

I live in France and just fell in love with your decoration taste.

BRAVO Madame !

Have a nice day !

Would you mind if I blog your site ?

Jane aka. Libelul

Shana said...

Your nusery looks great! I had read that it was not possible to use a crib skirt with IKEA cribs-- did you have to modify yours in order to use the skirt? Thanks!

Emilie said...

Hello from Paris!
I am begining a design blog for kids and discovering you blog on Ohdeedoh's website and I complitely felt in love on your lovely nursery!
So i featured a picture on my blog;
See :

Congratulations Miss Toronto!

Dearly said...

Is there any way you could put me on a mailing list for when you get back to crafting? I love your art!

little papercuts said...

Again, thanks everyone for the lovely words!

Sorry it's taken me so long to answer some of you...

Jane, merci beaucoup! J'aimerais si vous blogged de notre nursery!

Shana, my 'crib skirt' is not actually a skirt, but actually 4 rectangular panels velcroed to the slats of the crib.

Emilie, merci tellement!

Dearly, if you go to my profile and e-mail me, you will automatically be added to a mailing list and I send out updates as to when I am accepting orders, or follow my blog to keep up to date:) Thanks for the interest!

Lindsay RC Wilson said...

So, I've been returning to your site to see if there was any update as to when you might be taking orders. I figure it will be after the new year. I saw these comments, but I can't figure out how to email you to be on your mailing list. I love your work.

little papercuts said...

Lindsay, I'm so sorry! I just realized that my profile doesn't show my e-mail. I've changed it so now when you click on my complete profile you'll be able to contact me! Thanks for the interest!

J & M said...

What a beautiful room, I too am using those colors for my daughter's nursery! Love your style :) Where did you get that amazing mural?!! Is that free hand?

little papercuts said...

J&M-I painted that mural free hand:) Glad you like it!

Brianne said...

I just love your room and color palette. We are doing something similar for our baby girl on the way. We are using the same dresser from IKEA. I have found a shelf that I like that comes in different lengths. The length of yours over the dresser looks perfect and proportionate. Could you tell me how long it is? Thanks so much, especially for the inspiration!

Designer Mum said...

I think your nursery is stunning. I'd love your permission to share it on our blog at to help inspire others. Please say yes.

little papercuts said...

Brianne- Sorry it took me this long to reply, but if you were still wondering about the shelf, it is 47" X 11". It's not exactly the same length as the dresser, but we just centered it:)

Designer Mum- I would love to have our room featured on your blog! Thanks for asking:)

LJ said...

Such a beautiful nursery. I have linked a post to here - please let me know if it is ok.

Kristi said...

What is the specific brand and name of the grey paint color you used. I have gone through two coats now of grey in my nursery and both have a blue tint to them and look blue more than grey... I really wanted a dark grey color- let me know! Thanks!

Kristi said...

I'm wondering if you could tell me what specific brand and paint color the grey is. I have painted my nursery two times with two different grey colors, both have a blue tint to them and look more blue than grey, although on the swatch they do not look blue at all. Anyways, I am wanting a dark grey color like the one you have, please let me know. Thanks!

little papercuts said...

Hi Kristi,

The wall colour is Midnite Hour by CIL Dulux. It's got more brown undertones to it than blue, so hopefully it will work for you :) Good Luck!


Kiran said...

Hi Jo-An,

I love the nursery nook and was wondering where you got the wall decal? It is so pretty. Thanks!

Kiran said...

Hi Jo-An,

I was wondering where you got the flower decals? I have been looking for something like that and I love the ones that you used. Thanks!

BTW - I love the nursery nook. It is beautiful. And are you selling any of your paper artwork? I would love to make an order.

Thanks again :)

little papercuts said...

Hi Kiran,

Sorry for the late reply! I actually freehand painted the tree and flowers on the wall myself, they're not a decal. I'm glad you like them :) You might be able to find a decal that has the same feel as my painting on etsy, or if you're handy with a paintbrush you could paint one yourself. Use a piece of chalk and draw it on the wall first, it makes painting much easier. Hope this helps!

eva said...

hi jo-ann, i LOVE your nursery!
i wanted to ask you how you made th ebumber; what material did you use to fill it-some kind of sponge? how thick? would you be so kind to share a link where you bought it or the name of the material...i'm a newby here so forgive so many questions:) thanks alot!!

Dida said...

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful space. You have a beautiful design aesthetic.
And again thank you for inspiring!