Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

I know, I know...the last time I posted I had said that I would be blogging more often. This was probably more a promise to myself more than anyone else, but again I have lapsed in this area.
However, something incredibly exciting happened to me today and I have to write about it.

Last week, by chance, I was looking on the HGTV website for inspiration for my bedroom...hubby and I are planning on redecorating our room, but that's another story, and I clicked on their blog. There was a photo challenge for great kid's spaces, so I decided to enter my son's room and a girlfriend's nursery (yes I know I still haven't posted pics of that one, but I will soon). Well I only had time to upload the pics of my son Alex's room, so I sent it off the HGTV with the intention of uploading the nursery pics sometime today...October 31st was the deadline. Soooo, I log into my e-mail to send HGTV another e-mail when what do I see in my inbox...a message from HGTV saying I WON!!!! I could not believe it! I've never entered anything like this before, nevermind won anything. I am over the moon!

And what did I win, you might ask, I won a kid's docking station for their ipods, cell phones, etc.., but more importantly HGTV is going to put the pictures of Alex's room up on their website! This is all so exciting that I had to share!

Anyway, besides all of this excitement, we are getting the kids ready for trick-or-treating tonight. Thankfully the weather is co-operating and it doesn't look like it's gonna be as cold as it's been the past few nights. Gotta go get everyone's costumes have a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


kiddlebug said...

That is very exciting! You deserve it. The room is beautiful.

little papercuts said...

Thanks so much!!! I know I'm kinda late on this reply, but I promise to post more often!