Thursday, September 25, 2008's been awhile

Well, it's been almost 3 months since I've posted anything. Summer was so much fun that there was no time to blog! But I am grateful that the kids have gone back to was next to impossible to get any work done while they were home! So there's a lot to catch up on and I've got a ton of pics to post, I don't think I can do it all in one entry but here goes.

Our summer was filled with tons of fun, and a few scares too! We tried to keep busy doing stuff outside, and we were lucky there was an abundance of activities to do! While we spent most of our time at the splash park by our house, the kids also got to do a lot of bike riding, and we did our share of exploring around our neighborhood! We were also lucky enough to visit a farm, which the kids LOVED!!! We were there for a birthday party, but we promised ourselves to go back again. We also went to Paramount Canada's Wonderland, an amusement park close to our house...again a big hit with the kids. Hopefully we'll be able to get there again before they close in November, but we'll see how everything works out. We did still manage to get in some shopping, and a quick trip to Buffalo, NY to look for some great deals. All I really remember about that day was that everyone was kinda cranky and it was very HOT!!!

But we also had some youngest had one allergy scare when we were at a relatives house (I'm not even gonna go into it because it still makes me really angry!), and then last month he had a horrible infection that had us visiting the ER. But everything was OK in the end, and all the fun far outweighed any of the drama. But with school starting up again, and hope for me that I'd finally get some work done, September started off fast and crazy for us! My daughter started Grade 2, and my son began JK. It was a very exciting, and scary, time for us...not to mention that we haven't had a break since it started! We've been bombarded with birthdays, play dates, dentist appointments, fender benders, eye appointments and classes for first communion.

AND to top it off this weekend is just as busy as the last few! We have an outing with Grandma tomorrow (the kids have a PA day), 2 birthday parties on Saturday and we're going apple picking on Sunday. Not to mention all the work I need to finish! I'll post later about all of the work that I didn't do over the summer, and all the work I've had to do this month to catch up!!!

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