Tuesday, August 3, 2010

stand in the place where you are

The summer is moving along at a brisk pace. A lot quicker than I had anticipated. Maybe it's because we've kept busy, maybe because we haven't had a minute to stand still. Didn't school just let out yesterday?

Well at least one of us is standing still at the moment:) Yup, that's right, my mini papercut is standing. All by herself. Not holding onto anything. Not content to cruise and crawl, she is now standing on her own! She's attempted to take a couple steps, only to land on her tush, and is waving and clapping her hands now too. Gotta love this kid!


Julie said...

Such a precious photo! Time seems to be moving quicker than anything right now. I can't believe school starts next month.

little papercuts said...

Thanks Julie! You're little chunky monkey must be getting big too! Hope you had a wonderful/relaxing vacay in Hawaii:)