Wednesday, April 14, 2010

alice inspiration

We have finally selected our fabric for A's room! She chose a palette of turquoise blue, chocolate brown and pumpkin orange, all of which will look wonderful against her white headboard. We've been somewhat stuck as to how the rest of the room will be decorated. Her walls will need a fresh coat of paint, and I'm thinking I'd rather purchase a wall decal as opposed to painting a mural since we will probably be moving in the next year or so (I'll get into that another time).

Over Easter weekend we found our inspiration: Alice in Wonderland. We've used Alice before, so it's actually no surprise that A fell in love with it all over again. After seeing the new movie, and since she just finished reading the book, it only seemed logical that this is the theme she'd pick for her room. I'm not really sure yet as to how we'll incorporate it, but it's a jumping off point for the accessories in her room. I think I'd like to try to steer her away from making the room too themey, but I'm sure we can find a way to capture the mood of Alice in Wonderland. I'm thinking whimsical as opposed to cartoonish? We'll see where this journey takes us:)

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CJ said...

I've been following your blog for a little while now, but absolutely had to comment for this post. We too have a 6mo old (boy), as well as an older two y/o. My first choice for this second nursery was yellow and gray...precisely your palette, but I had a hard time finding fabrics, etc that I liked (and had to avoid some stuff as a little too pretty for our bitty guy!)
So we ended up going with tangerine, aqua blue and brown!
I'd like to think great minds are thinking alike here! Can't wait to see the results!